About us

Factory House

We are the best hostel in Barcelona located in the heart of the city.

We are a hostel in Barcelona designed for a small number of guests. Personal treatment and homely and family atmosphere but with a lot of privacy in each of our rooms to ensure the correct rest of our travelers.

Who we are

We are an enthusiastic couple of the city of Barcelona and of the trips.

We are a couple who loves to travel and we have turned our passion into our business. We are in love with the city of Barcelona and we have created the Hostel to share millions of experiences with people who visit our city.

Our mission

The objective is that all our clients repeat their stay in our hostel if they return to travel to Barcelona.

Our mission is that all our travelers want to come back to our hostel whenever they visit the city of Barcelona. We like that all our guests are comfortable in our facilities.

What we offer to our guests in Factory House

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