Factory Hostels Barcelona, your most familiy hostel

Darío and Cristina decided a few years ago to join their passion for travel and for the city of Barcelona in a business where they could transmit their experiences and knowledge. The result was Factory Hostels Barcelona, an accommodation located in the heart of the city, next to Park Güell and that has seen them grow as people and as a family.

They are a couple in love with the city and in love with travel that has turned Factory Hostels Barcelona into a key part of their life. They have turned their passion into their business and have managed to transmit those values in their daily work. The hostel and the different guests that each day stay in the rooms are part of the day to day of this entrepreneurial couple. With them, they share experiences and all kinds of knowledge of the city and life, acquired year after year.

Thanks to that knowledge, Darío and Cristina can help travelers on their way through Barcelona by recommending unique places, restaurants, and areas that are worth visiting and that, in many cases, are not found in a tourist guide.

One of the factors that makes Factory Hostels Barcelona stand out against other accommodations is its family value. It is a hostel designed for a small number of guests to offer maximum quality to each of them. In Factory Hostels, all the details are taken care of and a personal and family treatment is offered to the different travelers who choose this lodging to enjoy a few days in the city. A homely and close atmosphere but with a lot of privacy in each of the rooms to ensure the proper rest of the travelers.

The objective of this couple of entrepreneurs is to share millions of experiences with other people who visit the city and get all customers repeat their stay in the hostel if they return to Barcelona. That is a sign that they have enjoyed Factory Hostels and that the accommodation has met their expectations.

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