San Juan, a magical night in Barcelona

San Juan is one of the most magical dates of the year. It is celebrated on the night of June 23 to 24 and is a celebration that welcomes summer. The festival of San Juan is celebrated throughout Catalonia, but in Barcelona it acquires a special magic. Popular festivals, pyrotechnic shows, bonfires on the beach, parties until dawn... It is a perfect date to visit the city and live a night of partying. Book your accommodation at Factory Hostels Barcelona now and enjoy with friends a special weekend. Today we propose some activities and plans to enjoy the night of San Juan in the city.

  • The tradition begins in the afternoon in the Plaza de Sant Jaume on Saturday 23 with the flame of Canigó. It is a popular ritual that is celebrated year after year. From there, the fire is distributed through the different districts to light their fires and the streets and squares are filled with light.
  • The neighborhoods of the city prepare popular festivals and bonfires to enjoy this magical night. The neighbors flood the streets in an atmosphere of fun for young and old and enjoy the shortest night of the year throwing firecrackers and fireworks.
  • The beaches are filled with young people, bonfires and a unique atmosphere. There are many traditions and superstitions that encompass this date. It is a night to ask for wishes, and to be fulfilled, you have to jump the bonfires or get into the sea and jump waves. These are some of the legends that year after year have been part of this magical night..
  • Enjoy the night of San Juan in one of the many viewpoints of the city of Barcelona. The show is impressive. You can go to Montjuic or the Tibidabo area and enjoy a unique panorama, you will see the city from above and you will enjoy the colorful fireworks show that floods everything. It is a perfect plan after a dinner in an idyllic place in the city.
  • Do not forget to also enjoy the typical cuisine of this date, the Coca de Sant Joan with a glass of champagne. A traditional sweet that can not miss and that delights the most sweet teeth.

And you, do you have plans for the Night of San Juan? Book your accommodation in Factory Hostels Barcelona and live a weekend full of magic with us. San Juan is one of the most celebrated nights in the city, a unique show where fireworks, bonfires and a fun atmosphere are mixed for young and old.

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